Southern Shores’ new EP

Southern Shores

One again Cascine sends us the most beautiful music. Toronto’s Southern Shores are gearing up for the release of their new EP, New World. The first track from the EP to surface is New Love, a track that perfectly encompasses the breezy summer vibe of the EP.

From the EP opener Marazul, you are treated to some of the most blissful, engaging sounds this year. At times bordering on Ambient, but always enslaved to the undulating Balearic rhythms that run throughout. When it’s not being all chill-out atmospheric the EP shows off Southern Shores injection of early ‘90’s R&B into their music, tracks like Sankasa and Purple Sky let you easily slip into a Soul state of mind. New Love is actually one of the standouts of this sun-kissed collection, drawing in the influences of the rest of the EP into one neat package. Hazy tropical sounds and rolling Chill-Pop abound as reverb soaked samples and comfortable beats wash in and out of the track like waves.

Southern Shores – New Love

Southern Shores’ New World EP is released 2nd October on Cascine.

Buy Southern Shores’ music from:


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