TEEEL reMixes Brothertiger


On a single featuring reMixes from Teen Daze and Millionyoung, standing out from the Chillwave crowd is quite a feat. But Brooklyn synth master TEEEL makes his reMix for Brothertiger’s new single I’ve Been Waiting an infectious, spacey ElectroPop song that sticks in your head.

Sticking with the single’s Chillwave roots, with washes of reverb drenched sounds and shimmering leads, TEEEL adds to the equation a dance beat and a ‘90’s Chill House bassline that gives the track a kick. Making the vocals that it more Poppy and upbeat gives the track a nice summery vibe that bobs along with an optimistic bounce. The whole single is available for free, well, for the price of a Facebook ‘like’ AND your email address, which is a little cheeky when you call something free. Personally I would have been happy to pay for it, I’d prefer that to being part of the increasing, and idiotic, morphing of the music industry into a numbers game (i.e. “Oooo, look how many ‘likes’ I have conned out of people, aren’t I popular”), but such is the way of the world. None of these number, ‘likes’, ‘followers’ actually mean anything real, the sooner the music industry admits this the better.

Brothertiger – I’ve Been Waiting (TEEEL reMix)

You get get the single from ‘free’ here.

Buy Brothertiger’s music from:


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