Estate’s new tune


Here’s the new tune from Minneapolis Disco trio Estate. These guys have been pushing out a steady stream of quality Nu-Disco tunes and reMixes over the past few years, and their style just gets smoother and smoother. Vu Du is a dirty summer jam that will have you moving in the heat.

Vu Du rolls along with cut up samples and twisting synth lines. Equal parts funky and cosmic & magical, it’s a track that caters for all your needs. A deep walking bassline is the main weapon in this tune’s arsenal to make you move. undulating and infectious, it’s irresistible. Once you’ve succumbed to the power of the bassline, let the wall of synth sound fill your mind, swirling lead lines and waves of pads  wash in and out of the track like waves of dreamlike noise. Half heard snatches of vocal samples ebb and flow throughout the track. It’s a heady listening experience.

♫ Estate – Vu Du

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