Android Automatic

Android Automatic

Android Automatic is a Detroit based SynthWave project. His SoundCloud page is chock full of bouncy electronic tunes with a strong ‘80’s leaning. He;s just dropped a new double A-side single, available for free, Electric Nights & Starset.

Electric Nights shows the real complexity of Android Automatic’s work, not quite disco enough to be Nu-Disco, but more Disco than most SynthWave, AA’s tunes chug along on an Italo groove, a digital bassline that would make Moroder proud and doesn’t scrimp on the big retro synth chords. It’s an infectious slick of Electro Boogie that really gets under your skin, floaty vocoders and all. Starset has more of a cosmic Italo vibe to it, a track with an energetic drive to it, the on-beat bassline pushing the track ever forward, driven faster by shuffling hats. This two track single is a great introduction to Android Automatic, who is definitely one to look out for in future.

Android Automatic – Electric Nights

Android Automatic – Starset

While you’re here, check out our favouite of Android Automatic’s tunes, Dreaming In Color. A deep vocoded ElectroPop tune. It’s far too short, but in it’s two and a half minutes it delivers a rich Sci-Fi sound and an almost Indie quality to it. A longer version of this track could be epic.

Android Automatic – Dreaming In Color

Electric Nights/Starset is out now.

Check out more from Android Automatic on SoundCloud.

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