New Cassette Club single reMixed by Ben Macklin

Cassette Club

London based Disco producer, and one half of releasers of the excellent 4 Me, Cassette Club, Ben Macklin, stopped by the electronic rumors Inbox with some awesome news. Cassette Club are gearing up for the release of a brand new single. The track is called Flash, and Mr. Macklin delivers a pumping reMix.

Macklin’s mix of Flash is a five minutes of nostalgic bliss. From the tracks opening the buzzing synths and shuffling beat the tone is set. Carefree ElectroPop with a sprinkling of Disco washes out of the speakers. Synths evolve and build around a ‘80’s Synth Pop flavour bassline to a euphoric point where things get almost Balearic. A hint of the original’s impassioned vocals drifting across the track and the cowbell fills give the track a bit of a beach part vibe. A beach party…at sunset….in the mid-‘80’s. Right now I can’t thing of anywhere I’d rather be. Definitely looking forward to this release.

Cassette Club – Flash (Ben Macklin reMix)

Cassette Club’s Flash is released 13th August on Modal.

Buy Cassette Club’s music from:


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