Goldroom’s ‘Pacific’


Goldroom’s latest tune, Pacific, comes from a free EP released by Scion Audio/Visual, Sharkwaves Vol. 2, you can download it here, then own for yourself what we consider on of the highlights of Josh’s career. After the runaway success of the insanely infectious Fifteen Josh bring is back down a notch with Pacific, giving anyone who just really digs synth sounds a glorious five minutes.

The track revolves around these massive Vangelis-esque chords, simple yet beautiful, and keeps itself quite low key. Simple beats, roomy production and a laid back vibe all let the track breathe. This freedom the tune seems to poses in turn allows you to be drawn into it’s many layers. It allows you to sit amongst the little melodies that fly left and right and be carried away with the song as new refrains get drawn to the surface. Haunting and involving, it’s testament to the tracks absorbing qualities that I’m supposed to be sitting here writing about it, yet, I have just listened to it six times whist staring off into space. Just get into it.

Goldroom – Pacific

Goldroom’s EP is out now.

Buy Goldroom’s music from:

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