F3’s new single


Silhouette Music are fast becoming one of the Dreamwave/Nu-Disco labels to watch. All of their recent released have been right on the money. Not only that but they have been giving support to some top up and coming artists. In the case of their next single it’s relative newcomer F3, two producers from Tel Aviv, Israel, who gets the labels support.

The single, Congo Bongo, is (despite the title) a slick, and pretty complex, Nu-Disco tune with enough Electro Boogie overtones to give it that slight edge. There’s  a really nice way the stomping, percussion fuelled, rhythm plays against the floaty vocal samples, the hard and soft of the track adding to the comfortable party groove. There’s a bunch of reMixes on the single, covering a few different styles, but we have to give a shout out to our boy Silenx, who completely flips the script on the track, morphing it into a deep, atmospheric Synthwave instrumental peice. A majestic dark future soundtrack which slowly builds to a melodic and optimistic finale, both to the track and the single as a whole. Every single or EP should end like that.

♫ F3 – Congo Bongo

♫ F3 – Congo Bongo (Silenx reMix)

Congo Bongo is out now.

Buy F3’s music from:


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