Monitor 66’s ‘Deep In the Night’


It was only last month that we featured Swedish Nu-Disco trio Monitor 66’s single Her Bells. Hot on the heels of that release, as a thank you for all the support it received, the guys have droped a brand new tune, for free. Deep In The Night is a slick as hell was to say “cheers”.

Pure late night boogie, Deep In The Night is sexy Disco that cares about nothing but the moving you. Dropping a very slight Tropical flavour on to of the bass heave Disco sound, Monitor 66 drop a jam that is 50% mirrorball, 50% sunset. Smooth beats, smooth bass, smooth keys. Pull up a beach chair, grab yourself a cocktail, enjoy the sunset with Monitor 66.

Monitor 66 – Deep In The Nite

Monitor 66’s Her Bells single is out now.

Buy Monitor 66’s music from:

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