Mirror Kisses’ ‘Bad Dreams’

Mirror Kisses

Last week we introduced you to American SynthPop outfit Mirror Kisses who were gearing up for the release of their new album, ‘Bad Dreams’. The album is finally out, and it’s raining and miserable here in the UK, perfect weather for some electronic beats and songs shot through with a vein of melancholy, which makes it the perfect time to take a look at this duo’s latest offering.

The album kicks off with ‘Proud’, the track we featured last week, and the track that originally got out attention. Musically it’s a bit of a manifesto for these guys, it makes clear what to expect from the rest of the record and as we go into ‘She’s Gone’ we discover that they certainly can keep up the quality with buzzing electronics and a solid beat. aside from lots of Saw Tooth waves, Mirror Kisses signature sound comes from the vocals, which effortlessly switch between a  Gothic croon and something that reminds us of Billy Corgan. It makes for a unique sound, and coupled with quite a raw, live sounding production, full of soaring synths and tribal flourishes, makes for compelling listening. ‘Bad Dreams’ is true ‘80’s sounding album, it could have quite easily been released around 1983-84. Sure, there are a few modern lead lines in there, on the more upbeat tracks like ‘Team Follow’ or ‘Sleeping In The Hallway’, but on the whole the choice of sounds, and the production style, particularly the use of  big roomy reverb is very early ‘80’s. As is the songwriting, on songs such as ‘Someone to Name’ or ‘Haunt Me’ you can hear the ghosts of Japan bleeding through. Mirror Kisses’ ‘Bad Dreams’  is a definite recommendation for anyone into that end of ‘80’s SynthPop that mixed a gloomier sound with a strangely fitting uplifting quality.

♫ Mirror Kisses – She’s Gone

♫ Mirror Kisses – Team Follow

♫ Mirror Kisses – Haunt Me

♫ Mirror Kisses – Sleeping In The Hallway

Mirror Kisses new album, ‘Bad Dreams’ is out now on Chill Mega Chill.

Buy Mirror Kisses’ music from:

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