Mitch Murder’s new EP

Mitch Murder

Mitch Murder, the master of all things SynthWave, dropped a new EP over the weekend. The amount of new material Mitch is treating us to is amazing, and all of is literally blows the cometition out of the water. The ‘MARS’ EP is Mitch Murder on fine soundtrack form. Hold on to your space boots, we’re in for a wild electronic Sc-Fi ride.

The ‘MARS’ EP is somewhat Mitch Murder’s tribute to the artist and designer of the future Mœbius, who passed away recently. A red planet themed journey through science fiction soundscapes in that way only Mitch Murder can. The man’s skill with a synthesizer is only matched by his production chops. ‘The Deimos Incident’ is good indicator of what the EP holds, it’s a moody atmospheric peice, ominous like the planet itself but shot through with the optimism of exploration. Mitch has totally nailed the reflective ‘80’s drums and dreamlike synths. ‘Valles Marineris Pursuit’ is a twisting, sparkling slice of synthesizer gold, much like it’s EP companion ‘Phobos Gun Run’ which we featured previously, it;s got a strong Vince DiCola flavour realty capturing the ‘80’s futuristic mood with it’s lush stabs and winding melodies. We can’t really stress enough how Mitch Murder is the cream of the Synthwave crop. Flawless production & musicianship to such a high level he leaves others in his dust. Go pick up this EP right now if you are at all into electronic music.

♫ Mitch Murder – The Deimos Incident

♫ Mitch Murder – Valles Marineris Pursuit

Mitch Murder’s MARS’ is out now on his Bandcamp.

Buy Mitch Murder’s music from:

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