Jordan F’s ‘A New Day


Australian top -tier SynthWave producer Jordan F is back with another new track, ‘A New Day’. I kinda’ get the feeling that since his reversion back to the Jordan F moniker after a brief spell as Countach, that he’s working toward something, that these new tracks being deliver are taking us on a journey toward something special. Is it nearly album time maybe?

‘A New Day’ is a beautiful track that really captures the feeling embodied in it’s title. It’s a bright, optimistic tune, laying out, sonically, the promise of a fresh start and new horizons after a set-back. Jordan’s use of upbeat drums and sparkling layers of synths alongside a happy, bouncy bassline in this track are something you can’t help but smile at, even if you’re having a shitty day, and I think that;s the point of the track. But all that is beside the point once you hit Jordan’s epic soloing, pure synth shredding that will leave you slack-jawed and in awe as this rush of synthesizer music emotion washed over you. Also, in a real world situation, I’m just going to have this track hand on y mp3 player for the long cold walks home in the blinding morning light after all-night clubbing adventures.

Jordan F – A New Day

Jordan F’s ‘Abandoned Streets’ EP is out now.

Buy Jordan F’s music from:

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