Ryan Riot

Ryan Riot

Ryan Riot is a lucky guy, or just has really good timing! Here’s a tip kids, if you want to get hold of us or send us your music, just email us, we rarely check Twitter DMs and new almost never check Facebook messages, with 150-odd emails a day another means of communication is just too much. However, we just happened to stop by the electronic rumors Facebook messagebox as Ryan Riot messaged us, which was a stoke of luck for both of us, normally we wouldn’t have even read his message, and that would mean we would have been deprived of an awesome tune.

And the tune he sent us, ‘Loading Procedure’ is awesome. SynthWave at it’s finest, it’s no wonder this track is getting play from the likes of Reflex and Final DJs. With ‘Loading Procedure’ Ryan has show he could stand head and shoulders with the greats of the SynthWave scene such as Mitch Murder, Miami Nights 1984 and Jordan F, but also injects a health French Touchy-ness into the track too. It’s a schizophrenic beast, Outrun Electro to the core, but with a Nu-Disco sheen that can see it appealing to fans of the likes of Lifelike. Ryan Riot, despite message us on Facebook, has definitely got our attention. Rapid fire arpeggios, nostalgic chords, soaring leads and a nice flow of vocoded vocals. You know what we like!

Ryan Riot – Loading Procedure (Original Mix)

Check out more from Ryan Riot on SoundCloud.

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