Dublin Aunts’ début single

Dublin Aunts

We’ve been waiting a while for Australian Disco producers Dublin Aunts to drop their début single, and now it’s finally hear, and seeing as how it’s Friday, ‘Heartbreak Reputation’ is the perfect tune to carry your weekend.

From it’s opening bars you know that your in for good times. This is smooth, laid back synthesizer Disco of the highest calibre. If you thought Dublin Aunts’ reMixes were good, ‘Heartbreak Reputation will blow you away. Built upon some lunch synth chords and a frictionless soulful vocal. There’s nothing about this track that doesn’t make you want to just chill in the sunshine. The reMix package is loaded with Funk too. Drop Out Orchestra provide a slick late ‘70’s Disco take on the track, all bouncy bass and big horns layered with lush strings. There’s also a big Nu-Disco mix from DJ Agent 86 that adds a calypso flavour to the mix for just that little added holiday feel and matches Disco licks with shimmering synths. Also coming on the single is a deep house mix from Flash Mode and a very nice Dub version of the track. It’s a very impressive début from Xavier & Adam and one I think we’re all going to be glad of this summer. Let the good times roll.

♫ Dublin Aunts – Heartbreak Reputation (Original Mix)

♫ Dublin Aunts – Heartbreak Reputation (Drop Out Orchestra reMix)

Dublin Aunts – Heartbreak Reputation (DJ Agent 86 reMix)

‘Heartbreak Reputation’ is out now on Bandcamp, with most major outlets coming in June.

Buy Dublin Aunts’ music from:

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