New track from Digitalism


Announced a few weeks ago, the next act to take up the DJ-KICKS reins is German Electro legends Digitalism. And as is customary when releasing a DJ-KICKS mix there is a bunch of new tracks from the duo in there. The first of which ‘Simply Dead’ dropped on SoundCloud this morning.

Whist last year’s ‘I Love You Dude’ was a more melodic affair, slightly more anthemic, ‘Simply Dead’ gets back to the grinding Electro-House of old, but with a twist. Driven by B-Boy beats and dark ominous chords this track end up being more breakin’ than banger. The stuttered vocoded robot vocals just adding to the Old School Electro feel. Sure, there is some classic Justice-esque chainsaw synth riffs in there, but the majority of this track belongs down the underpass, spinning on it’s head on some Lino.

♫ Digitalism – Simply Dead

Digitalism’s ‘DJ-KICKS’ record is out 10th July.

Buy Digitalism’s music from:


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