Jimmy Somerville’s new EP, with Fred Falke, Siriusmo & Felix Gauder

Jimmy Somerville

Well this is certainly the surprise release of the week. ‘80’s Pop icon Jimmy Somerville, second singer in the awesome Bronski Beat before going on to form The Communards and have a reasonable successful solo career, has this week released a new EP. ‘80’s icons releasing new material is always a bit hit and miss, especially if, like Jimmy, they haven’t really had the track record, or entrenchment in dance music, between then and now. What I wasn’t expecting was a sublime collection of contemporary ElectroPop tracks and a handful of reMixes be some of the coolest names around.

The ‘Solent EP’ contains four original new tracks, all of which are modern Nu-Disco tinged electronic Pop tunes awash with Somerville’s falsetto. the surprising this is how much of an understanding of dance music in 2012 they show, so often worth ‘80’s Electro artists making modern dance records you get the feeling that they are playing catch-up, but not so with tracks on the ‘Solent EP’ like ‘Some Wonder’, a full on DiscoPop track or ‘Taken Away’, a classic dance tune that could have (and may have been) put together by any of today’s top producers. And the reMix line up too, shows an insight into modern electronic music that many of Jimmy’s peers wouldn’t get. ‘Taken Away’ is reMixed by French Touch original Fred Falke, who works his soaring synth magic on the track to produce the EP’s standout track. Siriusmo, another surprising appearance, reMixes ‘Kites’ into a laidback Disco-tinged number loaded with bass and stings. Felix Gauder takes on ‘Some Wonder’ in a more traditional dance track way, loads of hands-in-the-air moments. The EP also comes with more originals and a reMix from Johnny winfield.

♫ Jimmy Somerville – Taken Away

♫ Jimmy Somerville – Taken Away (Fred Falke reMix)

♫ Jimmy Somerville – Kite (Siriusmo reMix)

♫ Jimmy Somerville – Some Wonder

♫ Jimmy Somerville – Some Wonder (Felix Gauder reMix)

The ‘Solent EP’ is out this week.

Buy Jimmy Somerville’s music from:


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