Mental Minority’s new track

Mental Minority

The Mental Minority is back, and by that we mean the enigmatic German SynthWave producer had dropped another track. This time he’s ramped up the ‘80’s teen movie soundtrack quota considerably, if such a thing is possible ( I would have thought it wasn’t, and the ‘80’s teen movie soundtrack quota was already pretty full, but Mental Minority has proved me wrong).

‘Take My Hand’ sails along on beams of ‘80’s-synth light. A mid-paced jam that’s loaded with lush chords and shimmering, chiming lead sounds. Underneath all that sparkly nostalgia is are these deep strings, almost like a Gregorian chant, that adds a somewhat hypnotic quality to the track, giving it more depth and richness than just the leads impart. This really is top quality SynthWave and Mental Minority is coming on in leaps and bounds, even bringing something a little different to the table.

Mental Minority – Take My Hand

Check out more from Mental Minority on SoundCloud.

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