Errors reMix letthemusicplay


It’s always with some degree of trepidation that I approach email that mention Errors. When they are good, they are very good. Lush, moody ElectroPop that channels the best of Sheffield and Manchester in the ‘80’s, when they aren’t so good, it’s Indie dirge and contrived lyrics. Thankfully they normally fall into the latter category, but every new song is still a gamble. So let me put your mind at rest, their reMix of letthemusicplay’s forthcoming single is good. Relax.

‘All I Can Give You’ marks mysterious producer duo letthemusicplay’s third release and features the vocal stylings of Cardiff’s Until The Ribbon Breaks. Combined with Errors’ smokey Northern synth sounds it makes a track that revels in it’s melancholy, without going to far over to the dark side. Like the best Italo, Errors reMix darkness is shot thorough with a bolt of optimism, mostly played out through the driving arpeggios and work to counter the minor tones. Errors reMix of letthemusicplay instantly hits you with the best of early Yorkshire SynthPop, late ‘80’s Italo, Factory Records back catalogue and the tiniest touch of Disco in there for the dancefloors. Quite a feat, quite a reMix.

letthemusicplay (Feat. U.T.R.B.) – All I Can Give You (Errors reMix)

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