Cut Slack’s new EP

cut slack

The new Cut Slack EP is here! This Portuguese producer is someone we’ve been keeping close tabs on ever since he entered one of the standout mixes in Fear Of Tigers’ The Adventured Of Pippi Longstrump’ reMix competition. He’s got a slick, rich, SynthWave style that really appeals to us. Cinematic and rousing, his tunes notable kill. And his new EP is absolutely free.

This self titled collection sees Cut Slack mixing in a little Disco and a little 80’s guitar into his retro synth sound. The opener, ‘Daybreak’, is about as good as SynthWave gets, it’s a big powerful into that sets you up for a EP’s worth of synth nostalgia with a rock attitude. After the Nu-Disco and guitar solos of ‘T.M.H.S.R’, ‘Never Let You Down’ is a low down dirty Disco tune that exemplifies Cut Slacks style. a sexy Dancefloor groove with guitar shredding over the top, a strange combination maybe, but one that works so well and sounds like the soundtrack to the best buddy cop movie. ‘Lana’ brings the smooth with rolling vocoded vocals and lush electric piano. It’s summery vibe is a nice, chilled, middle point to the EP. A sunset respite before the party rap of ‘Move To The Beat’. For a first EP, Cut Slack has done an amazing job, at a brilliant price. This EP deserves your attention.

Cut Slack – Daybreak

Cut Slack – Never Let You Down

Cut Slack (Feat. Thunder & Co.) – Lana

The ‘Cut Slack’ EP is out now, you can download it here.

Check out more from Cut Slack on SoundCloud.

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