Lenno & Martin Solveig


Hot on the heels of wunderkind Madeon’s reMix of Martin Solveig’s new single ‘The Night Out’ comes another of our favourite up-and-comers Lenno’s version of the track. Madeon’s an absolute genius, there some kind of freaky latent talent going on there that is so far beyond and normal human ability that it’s possible he’s a extra-terrestrial visitor sent here to study homo sapien reactions to Disco, but if, gun to our head, we had to pick between Madeon and Lenno, I think Lenno would just take the prize. His smooth but energetic French Touch gets us every time.

So, to his reMix. Solveig’s made some awesome reMix talent decisions (A-Trak also contributes a blinder) and in contrast to Madeon’s powerhouse track, Lenno drops something slightly more slick. The lead riff the Finnish producer has worked into the track is pure dancefloor jump-up energy and rides effortlessly over the kind of bassline that you could work into any set as it rolls along, unobtrusive, yet unconsciously building you to the big drop. As far as we’re concerned, this is the pick of the reMix package. I guess that makes us ‘Team Lenno’ then? Ah man, does that mean we have to change all out user icons?

♫ Martin Solveig – The Night Out (Lenno reMix)

‘The Night Out’ is out soon.

Buy Martin Solveig’s music from:

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