Two new tunes from Mental Minority

Mental Minority

Mental Minority, then enigmatic German producer of awesome SynthWave, has unleashed another couple of new tracks on the world.

First up is ‘To M.J.’. The M.J. in question being the ‘Fox’ kind rather than the ‘Shamone’ kind. You’ll get this as it kicks off with a Back To The Future sample before launching into some sweet retro soundtrack SynthWave. With a nice refrain to bedrock the track, ‘To M.J.’ allows the shimmering leads to shine though, and there are several, weaving and intertwining with each other in quite an organic fashion. Mental Minority mixture of Italo grooves and emotional playing makes for an awesome, nostalgic chill out tune. The amazingly titled ‘I Used To Feel Quite Sad At Outdoor Raves’ opts for a more aggressive sound. A growling Italo bass and powerhouse drums drive this track which works a combination of early ‘90’s House and ‘80’s synth sounds in quite a unique style. It’s a building track that layers upon itself as it climbs toward the finale, a big hands-in-the-air moment.

Mental Minority – To M.J.

Mental Minority – I Used To Feel Quite Sad At Outdoor Raves

Check out more from Mental Minority on SoundCloud.

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