Russ Chimes reMixes Per Byhring

Per Byhring

In the past couple of years we’ve come to know Russ Chimes as a man who could do no wrong, responsible for some of the most exciting, flawless reMixes and tunes in recent times. We’re big fans. Recent tracks from the Russ have seen his style evolving, but displaying no less finesse. After a period of quite he[‘s back with a new reMix. Can he keep up his winning streak?

The track in question is his version of Oslo artist Per Byhring’s ‘Ettertid’ and Mr. Chimes nails is. <sarcasm>There’s a surprise</sarcasm>.  Russ whips up a compellingly funky slice of House that contains nods to both his classic Nu-Disco work and his more recent Rave fuelled output. Slick, complex percussion and a deep deep grove provide the prefect, infectious backing for some melodic use of the vocal and playful leads to do their euphoric work.

♫ Per Byhring – Ettertid (Russ Chimes reMix)

The track is available to download for free here, for the amazingly cheap price of one email address. Bargain!

‘Ettertid’ is the title track from Per Byhring’s album, out now.

Buy Per Byhring’s music from:

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