If you been paying attention to SynthWave recently you’ll have noticed that there is more and more music being made that feels a lot like old School EBM. French producer Perturbator takes that retro harshness and mixes it up with a healthy dose of Jarre on his new EP ‘Night Driving Avenger’.

The title track growls like and angry robotic beast as those machine arpeggiated basslines hammer along at breakneck speed while Perturbator shows off his true skill, melody and solos. On every track on the EP his ability to craft emotional musical beats that really get across the mood of the tune or just impress the hell out of you with his skills. As a big fan of Jarre and Vangelis is awesome to hear this kind of epic synth work set against a pounding beat. ‘Grim Heart’ carries on in this tradition, the EBM aggression playing against the shining synth work. It’s not all high-octane powerhouses though, ‘Electric Dreams’ is a beautiful, haunting peice that would easily be suited to the quieter moments in BladeRunner, take that Vangelis! The EP contains one more track, ‘Miami Sunsets’, but I’ll make you head on over to Perturbator Sound Cloud to hear it so you can check out his vast back catalogue of synth epics.

Perturbator – Night Driving Avenger

Perturbator – Grim Heart

Perturbator – Electric Dreams

You can download the whole EP here.

Check out more from Perturbator on SoundCloud.

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