Futurecop!’s ‘Dancing In Dreams’ mixtape


Futurecop! – Dancing In Dreams = It;s a brand new mix from Futurecop! and this one’s epic! Eighteen tracks crammed into an hour of soaring emotional electronic sounds. This one’ll have the hairs on the back of your neck standing up.

Futurecop! – Dancing In Dreams

The Tracklist:

01. We Are The Future Intro.
02. Mille – Stellar Velocity
03. StardonE – Love Fighter
04. Phonat – Set Me Free
05. M83 – OK Pal
06. Futurecop! – Wolf
07. Kavinsky (Feat. Lovefoxxx) – Nightcall
08. Daze – Tokyo 1984
09. Renegade – Threshold
10. Fear Of Tigers – I Can Make The Pain Disappear
11. Whitney Houston – I Wanna’ Dance With Somebody (RWR reMix)
12. Futurecop! – Into The Future (Sammy Bananas reMix)
13. Follow Me – Beyond The Horizon
14. D/A/D – Sky High
15. beaumont – Skyline (Fiero reMix)
16. MPM Soundtracks – Party Up
17. Hole – Unsatisfied (Replacements Cover)
18. College (Feat. Electric Youth) – A Real Hero

‘Futurecop! The Movie’ is out now via Keiz Beats.

Buy Futurecop!’s music from:

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