Black Strobe’s ‘Italian Fireflies’ is back, with a Reflex reMix


Black Strobe’s ‘Italian Fireflies’ is a bit of a modern classic. Released in 2033 in Kitsuné it had a riff that stuck in everyone’s head and the opening bars of the track, when the riff kicked in, would destroy dancefloors. Now Blackstrobe Records are re-releasing the track with a whole package of awesome reMixes featuring some serious talent bring the track into 2012.

Amongst that talent you’ll find one of our current faves, French SynthPop duo Reflex, who pull the track from it’s dark post-Electroclash resting place into the sunlight with a huge ElectroPop workout. Turning that evil, edgy riff into soaring retro lead line with some choice chords underneath full to give it more of a rousing kick, Reflex have done the impossible and turned the track into something bright and uplifting., which makes a really nice contrast to the growling, moody original. Both takes on the tune are ace and it;s nice to have the choice. The rest of the EP features reMixes from Munk, Yan Wagner, Second Date, Richy Ahmed & Corey Baker, Hey Today! and Mr. Arnaud Rebotini himself. that’s a hell of a reMix package and one we await excitedly.

Black Strobe – Italian Fireflies (Reflex reMix)

♫ Black Strobe – Italian Fireflies

The ‘Italian Fireflies’ reMix package is released 7th March in Blackstrobe Records.

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