electronic rumours mixtape: Pop-Fu 10


After a massive hiatus while I have been doing incredibly important stuff, a lot, Pop-Fu is back! Finally you have something to do with that C90 you’ve got lying around ‘cos, as ever, Pop-Fu 10 is a compact ‘fits-on-one-side-of-a-tape’ 45 mins of big big big ElectroDiscoSynthPopWave nonsense!

Pop-Fu 10

The tracklist:

01. Arnaud Rebotini – Another Time, Another Place (JBAG reMix)
02. Jordan F – Outrun
03. Neon Workout (Feat. HR) – Look Into My Eyes
04. Quasars And Lovinsky – Made In The 80’s
05. Ride The Universe (Feat. Jane Elizabeth Hanley) – A Little Better
06. Final DJs – One Day In The Sun
07. Miami Horror – Holidays (Lenno & Jesse Oliver reMix)
08. The Wombats – 1996 (Lenno reMix)
09. Lazerhawk – Arrival (Jordan F reMix)
10. She’s The Queen Vs. Jeremy Grasso – The Way/Happy Face (Lightwaves Mashup)
11. Camaro Kids – Back To The Night
12. Picture Book – Sunshine (Justin Faust reMix)
13. Monsieur Adi – Fire Fire Fire (Original Mix)
14. LIGHTS – Toes (Jakob Liedholm reMix)
15. Justin Winks Vs. Casio Social Club – Rock The Discotheque (Original Mix)
16. Kate Bush – Cloudbusting (MiGHty mOUse Re Work)


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