Evokateur’s new EP


London based ElectroPop duo Evokateur are unleashing their latest creation early in march, the ‘Crows’ Wedding’ EP, which sees the duo drifting in a slightly Poppier direction.

When last they graced these pages, they were about to release the critically acclaimed ‘Wolf Girl’, and eclectic and dark slice of ElectroPop. The four tracks that make up ‘Crow’s Wedding’ have an altogether more optimistic and upbeat vibe to them. The EP kicks off with recent single ‘Same As You’, which is as good an example of classic SynthPop as you’ll ever find. Sarah’s passionate and, yes catchy, vocals ride so smoothly over Hector Villaraus’ production. Which this time around takes a much more accessible approach with big, lush synths and an sweet ‘80’s bassline. It’s an awesome lead for the EP. ‘Misery’ is up next, and OK, that’s a pretty dark title, but the track, although more of a brooding lament than the EPs opener, is still musically pretty Poppy. A rolling and enveloping expression of synth and vocal emotion. ‘Wildflowers’ is an ‘80’s electronic power-balled that’s up there with the best of them that showcases Sarah’s vocals to their smokey, dramatic fullest. The EP’s closing track is the only song on the EP that really hints at Evokateur’s EBM roots with it’s pulsating Industrial percussion. ‘Crows’ Wedding’ is definitely a confident EP, and Evokateur definitely have a lot to be confident about.

♫ Evokateur – Same As You

♫ Evokateur – Wildflowers

The ‘Crows’ Wedding’ EP is released 12th March/

The EP is being launched in at a party in London courtesy of our friends at Human Error (who hosted the launch party for ‘electronic rumors Volume 1’), where you can catch Evokateur live. Details here.

Buy Evokateur’s music from:


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