Mental Minority

Mental Minority

Mental Minority is, well, is a German SynthWave producer. That’s about all we know about him. But that’s a good thing, because there’s loads to talk about the music!

He’s recently dropped a new track ‘T.V. Outrun’ and an new EP ‘Moodshifter’. Both display his love of ‘80’s and Italo. ‘T.V. Outrun’ is a bouncy, swirling peice that mixes the Italo bassline with epic shifting pads and sparkling synth melodies. It;s a good introduction to Mental Minority’s sound. Emotive and involving synthesizer soundtracks. The ‘Moodshifter’ EP is free from his SoundCloud page and contains five tracks of electronic soundscapes and retro beats. The highlight being ‘Shifting the Decades’ an Italo journey that conjures visions of Tokyo skylines, robotic beats with the soul of the orient. The whole EP is definitely worth checking out.

Mental Minority – T.V. Outrun

Mental Minority – Shifting The Decades

Check out more from Mental Minority on SoundCloud.

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