Keenhouse’s new EP


In March, one of out favourite musicians (note, I said musician, not producer!) Keenhouse is back with a new EP, ‘Better Days’.

The new record is four tracks of Keenhouse’s freeform Disco that, once again, perfectly display Ken’s exceptional talent both as in instrumentalist and an arranger. The last few years have seen Keenhouse move more and more into an almost Jazz take on Nu-Disco and ‘Better Days’ is no exception. It’s a melting pot of ideas, effortlessly shifting from style to style, from riff to riff, everything held in place with a deep disco groove. the second part of ‘Better Days’ is a more raw House track that owes a lot to Chicago House and Beep House of the late ‘80’s/early ‘90’s, it’s got that mixture of robots beats and a raw experimentalism that could have seen it released in the early days of Warp Records.

♫ Keenhouse – Better Days (1)

Keenhouse – Better Days (2)

‘Better Days’ is released 5th March on Beatport and 12th March  worldwide.

Buy Keenhouse’s music from:


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