Mitch Murder X Nite Sprite

Mitch Murder

Ever since Sweedish SynthWave genius Mitch Murder dropped his album, ’Current Events’ late last year we’ve seen a resurgence in activity from him, releasing killer tune after killer tune. The latest from this prolific period is this reMix of ‘In The News’ from Nite Sprite.

Nite Sprite are a Norway based duo who craft some of the slickest retro Funk you’re likely to hear for a while, and with this mix they step up their game to serious levels. Everything about this mix, of one of the highlights of ‘Current Events’, is a pitch perfect meeting of SynthWave and Nu-Funk. From the SynthWave side of it’s DNA it bring a retro epicness worthy the best in ‘80’s Sc-Fi TV themes, combining lush, evocative chords and playful little melodies. Adding to that is it’s funky side, with a pure dancefloor groove and twisting Disco leads. Nite Sprite have given us a great way to start the week. Can;t wait for more from them.

Mitch Murder – In The News (Nite Sprite Future Drive reMix)

Mitch Murder’s ‘Current Events’ is out now.

Buy Mitch Murder’s music from:

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