Punks Jump Up’s new EP

Punks Jump Up

At the end of this month London Electro duo Punks Jump Up, riding on the success of ‘Blockhead’ and ‘Chimes Pt. 1’, drop their latest EP for Kitsuné Music.

The ‘Get Down (Special CCCrash Mixxx)’ EP contains six tracks of straight-up dancefloor grooves lead my  by the amazingly catchy title track. This ‘Special CCCrash Mixxx’ is a melting pot of retro dance influences, pouring in bits of Acid House, bits of Disco, bits of Chicago House and a Funk vocal to make a party starter that’s bound to be working it’s magic all summer. The remaining five reMixes have something for everyone. ElectroPop gurus JBAG give the track a sweet ‘80’s sheen with some nostalgic stabs, this is probably the stand out reMix for me. Alex Gopher turns the Acid aspects of the tune up to eleven and drops a slow building burbler with some killer drops. OK, so you know a Fare Soldi is going to be a bit madcap, and the truly deliver here with some funk fuelled bassline chaos. The surprise of the EP, for me, was Zero Cash’s mixture of vintage synth bass and early ‘90’s House that works so well and creates a really rounded mood. Definitely be keeping an ear of Zero Cash in future. Deadstock 33s close the EP with a deep hypnotic dub version with just a hint of cosmic Disco to leave you with. All-in-all the EP is a winner, six varied reMixes with no real duds in there, how often does that happen?

♫ Punks Jump Up – Get Down (JBAG reMix)

♫ Punks Jump Up – Get Down (Deadstock 33’s dub)

The ‘Get Down (Special CCCrash Mixxx)’ EP is released 30th January on Kitsuné Music.

Buy Punks Jump Up’s music from:


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