Young Digerati’s ‘Imzadi Mix’

young digerati

Young Digerati – Imzadi Mix = Young Digerati’s latest mix is a high-octane forty minutes of soaring SynthWave and dreamy ElectroPop sounds. Makes an awesome long distance driving mix!

Young Digerati – Imzadi Mix

The tracklist:

01. Edward Artemiev – Lullaby
02. Cadillac – Make You Feel
03. Koobra – Thrills
04. Foster the People – Helena Beat (Lenno reMix)
05. Grum – Runaway (Nightriders reMix)
06. Silenx – Long Lost Love
07. Erika Spring – 6 More Weeks (Chrome Canyon reMix)
08. Flashback – Flashback Theme (Jordan F reMix)
09. Meridians – Animals
10. Schwefelgelb – Regen Aus Rosenquartz (Awkoder reMix)
11. Oxford – The Last Indian (N’Joy reMix)
12. The Magician (Feat. Jeppe) – I Don’t Know What to Do (Fabian reMix)
13. Merdance (Feat. Dan Ling) – Ocean Night Drive

Check out more from Young Digerati on SoundCloud.

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