She’s The Queen’s ‘Talk To Me’


She’s The Queen have finally released their new track, ‘Talk To Me’. Was it worth the wait? Why yes, yes it was…

This track should come with a disclaimer, or at the very least a health warning. One listen is all it takes, and you’ll be humming the chorus all day, and the next. ‘Talk To Me’, with it’s epic chorus, Disco funk and perfect Pop structure, just reinforces my bewilderment that no major label has snapped up this duo yet. It’s seriously staggering that She’s The Queen aren’t releasing singles that storm the charts. they don;t need to find themselves a big, or hip, producer to work with because Drew is already at the top of his game and can easily stand shoulder to shoulder with the best of them. And he doesn’t need to be paired up with the latest singing talent, because he already has Emily, one of the best Pop singers you will ever hear. None of their flawless production is label backed, so imagine what they could do with a major behind them. All I’ll say is whoever doesn’t sign them will be kicking themselves in the long run.

♫ She’s The Queen – Talk To Me

Go buy She’s The Queens self-titled début EP, now.

Buy She’s the Queen’s music from:

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