Siriusmo reMixes Bodi Bill (really, despite what it says!)

Bodi Bill

I’m not entirely sure why this track isn’t titled ‘Bodi Bill – I Like Holden Caulfield (Siriusmo reMix)’ (as opposed to Bodi Bill (Feat. Siriusmo), ‘cos it pretty much is Surismo reMixing Bodi Bill, and not for the first time.

‘I Like Holden Caulfield’ is a bit of a classic, it was pretty staple on any ElectroPop fan’s Walkman back in 2008 and Siriusmo does an excellent job of bringing it bang up to date but also adds a little nostalgic touch. Siriusmo’s evolving arpeggios and slightly Acid lead lines make me thing a little of old Van She Tech reMixes but with a cutting edge, raw, Deep House vibe to it.

Bodi Bill (Feat. Siriusmo) – I Like Holden Caulfield

Bodi Bill’s ‘What?’ EP has just been re-released.

Buy Bodi Bill’s music from:


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