Justin Faust reMixed by PWNDTIAC


Justin Faust is celebrating a hugely successful couple of months of his latest release, the ‘Girl Talk’ EP, being out in the world and loved by all with a free reMix of the lead track by the awesomely named PWNDTIAC .

But it’s not just the name that’s cool about this guy, he’s turned in an amazingly slick, funky and fun mix of Faust’s track. Big ‘80’s drums with a digital funk bassline keep it solid for the huge retro chords and squelchy melody to work their magic. This is well on it’s way to become my favourite of the mixes, it hits all the right spots for a late night nostalgia jam. PWNDTIAC has just released his début EP on Work It Baby, this guy’s gonna’ go far in the Dreamwave/Nu-Disco world.

Justin Faust – Girl Talk (PWNDTIAC reMix)

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