We received quite an enigmatic email from producer Aminova, so we honestly don’t know much about him. But that’s fine, this is a case when letting the music do that talking works on every level.

He’s recently released a new EP, ‘The Transfer’ which contains three tracks of synthesizer brilliance. While he does have a lot in common with his SynthWave contemporaries, Aminova, despite his tracks having solid beats, isn’t as dancefloor oriented at his peers, the tune on the EP are more focused on the musical aspects of SynthWave than merely making a crowd move. Layers of intertwining synthetic melodies weave around his songs like smoke, morphing into one another to create a densely layered electronic dream. there’s two things going on here really, there’s the ‘80’s electronic movie soundtrack thing, which Aminova does well, capturing emotion with every melody, and an experimental wall of noise thing, which compliment each other surprisingly well producing a sound that is both beautiful and slightly disorienting.

Aminova – The Transfer

Aminova – Turn Invisible

Aminova’s ‘The Transfer’ EP and his previous ‘Laser Beach’ EP are available for free on Bandcamp, his ‘Busy Lives/The Way Home’ single was released by Playmaker.

Buy Aminova’s music from:

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