Louis La Roché’s ‘Los Angeles’


Hot on the heels of his current proper single, the double A-sided  ‘Gimme Gimme’/‘The Wall’ Mr. Louis La Roché is in such a good mood he released another new single for free on his SoundCloud.

‘Los Angeles’ is pure Nu-Disco gold. La Roché shows off his flair for picking and manipulating samples here at it’s finest with a wicked vocal hook and some blazing horns. All backed up by LLR’s shuffling synth Disco groove. There’s even a special B-side edit that mixes in a little bit of something very familiar…

Louis La Roché – Los Angeles

Louis La Roché- Los Angeles (Louis’ DP Edit)

Buy Louis La Roche’s music from:

2 comments on “Louis La Roché’s ‘Los Angeles’

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