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Today sees the long awaited release of Mustang’s ‘Shooting Love’ single on Different Recordings.

In just to years together Mustang have cemented their reputation as one of the go-to names for synthesizer Disc. Their reMixes, their mixtapes and their original tracks have all earned them critical acclaim and massive blog hype.

Their new single, ‘Shooting Love’, paces slick analog Disco with ElectroPop sensibilities in a track that’s as catchy as it is groovy. Hovering up influences from Italo, Disco and Classic house in a Pop package and that live synthesizer feel that Mustang excel at, ‘Shooting Love’ has already firmly planted itself of one of the tracks of the year.

The guys kindly took some time to fill you lot in on the good, the bad, and the ugly of Mustang:

ER: So, Mustang, I guess you guys are either really into muscle cars or really into horses? Or really into random words? Where’d the name come from?

M: In fact, there’s no real meaning for this… We are not especially car lovers, the same for horse riding, it is not really our thing. When we were looking for a name, after some ridiculous ideas and proposals, Renaud came up with “Mustang” and that was it.

ER: How did you guys get together to make music? Were you drawn together by the scene in Belgium? Is there a scene in Belgium? Did you start off always making this kind of music or has it been a musical journey to end up here?

M: We know each other since a long time, we met first in a Club called Dirty Dancing in Brussels, 5 years ago. Then we tried a studio session together to work around a reMix for a band called Ghinzu. The result was OK, we had a good time, and we decided to move on. After that we finished our first tracks and Gomma Records signed them. The ideal start for us. After the release of ‘Chameleon Circus’,  we started to receive some reMix proposals (for Vitalic, Morcheeba, Ali Love, Two Door Cinema Club… to name a few) and we released 2 new EP’s after that.
In a few days, our 3rd EP called “Shooting Love” will be release on Different Recordings.
Next to that we have reMixes for Crystal Fighters and Arnaud Rebotini upcoming.
Belgium is a small country with a kind atmosphere between artists. We all know each other since a long time. So yes, we can say there’s a Belgian scene, very productive and interesting.

♫ Mustang – Shooting Love (Radio Edit)

ER: What would be your preference, to perform as a DJ team or as a musical outfit?

M: At the moment, we only perform as DJ’s but we make a lot of edits en cuts to setup our own kinda’ sound/set. We are both DJ’s for a while. We were both lucky, by being residents at the main alternative clubs in Belgium. The plan will be to grow in to a live performance in the near future.

ER: How is performing in Belgium? What your favourite place outside your home country you’ve played?

M: Playing in Belgium is very exciting, you can go very eclectic en very musical at the same time without throwing hits non stop, but we’re lucky to be one of the main residents at Libertine Supersport Club in Brussels, voted as one of the best clubs in Europe! A lot of guest DJ’s from foreign countries who played alongside us says it’s a challenge to play in Belgium, and it’s true. We had great times at Beiruth, Athens, Beijing, Paris and Perrugia, these are our top 5 places at the moment.

♫ Mustang – Shooting Love (Jeremy Glenn ReOrder reMix)

ER: You blew up online with a string of amazing reMixes, what’s the reMix you’ve done that your most proud of?

M: It’s very difficult to say because we all enjoyed them by making. We like all of them at the end, because they are linked to some periods of us growing in the studio…Let’s say the 2 last ones we did, for Arnaud Rebotini and Crystal Fighters because they reflect more our sound of today.

ER: We can’t really not ask you about your influences, ‘Shooting Love’ has got such an ‘80’s Electro/Boogie/Soul feel, what were you listening to when your were producing it? What influences you in general?

M: In fact we share the same passion for electronic, melodic music, Andy is more into Italo, Psyche & Disco stuff and Renaud  is more into New Wave and Pop music. Let’s say we’re fans of The Human League, The Cure, Lucio Battisti, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Eric Satie, Carl Craig, Talk Talk, Serge Gainsbourg to name some examples… A large spectrum isn’t it ?

♫ Mustang – Shooting Love (Black Strobe reMix)

ER: So you’ve played around a few places. Any crazy rock ‘n’ roll stories from your adventures?

M: Last year at the infamous Calvi On The Rocks festival… After an already heavy drinking night, we left the beach heading to a club who was “not so far”. We were 13 in a small Van (with Dixon on top of us singing some Deutsh songs and crying because Germany just lost the semi final of the World Cup). The driver completely lost his way and we arrived in the middle of nowhere with 250 sheep screaming around us. Finally we found the club after 1h30m of driving and we all finished naked in the sea in front of it. Can’t even remember the return to the hotel.  : )

ER: So what’s in Mustang’s studio? Do you have a favourite bit of kit?

M: We use a lot of Roland, Simmons & Linn’s Drum machines. I think our favorite is still the Jupiter 8 but we’re using the Matrix 1000, SE-1, DX-7 or MemoryMoog a lot to!

ER: If money was no object, what piece of studio gear would be your dream to own?

M: An SSL Mix table, a Yamaha CS-80, some Chandler Limited compressors, TubeTech Pré-Ampl, GML EQ’s and Lexicon 480L Reverb. What else ?

♫ Mustang – Shooting Love (Fat Club Mix)

ER: Is Mustang a Cereal or a Full English Breakfast kinda’ band? Would your answer change the day after a show?

M: Not that much Cereal, for sure ! And the day after a show, we usually visit a friend called “Ronald”… He’s everywhere  : )

Many thanks to the guys for taking the time to chat with us.

‘Shooting Love’ is released today!

Buy Mustang’s music from:

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