T&K’s début album


T&K are a French ElectroPop duo who are gearing up for the late October release of their début album on On The Fruit Records.

Having had a few tracks floating around for the last few years this album represents everything the pair have been building over their career. Both he tracks ‘Line Of Light’ and ‘On Your hands’ are doing the blog rounds right now and both are very good examples of the type of ElectroPop to be found on the record. T&K’s sound is, confusingly, 50% really French, but also, strangely,50% really English. Their sound is deeply rooted in early British SynthPop, both in attitude & approach and sound but is given such a distinct French twist it’s unmissable. Much of the album sounds, to me, like a purely electronic, female fronted version of The Teenagers, the tracks have a similar structure, with a hint of Saint Etienne. This is easily one of the purest SynthPop albums to be released this year. With it’s intricate attention to melody and it’s quirky French leanings I’d say this record is pretty recommended.

♫ T&K – Unique Key

♫ T&K – Line Of Light

♫ T&K – Little Cloud

T&K’s album is out 24th October, until then check them out on SoundCloud.

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