Christianoshi reMixed by Trademark (Dreamtrak)


Here we have a fun slice of late ‘80’s/early ‘90’s inspired ElectroPop in the form of London Bedroom-Pop artist Christianoshi as reMixed by Trademark (including Oil Horton A.K.A. Dreamtrak).

And yes, Trademark is an anagram of Dreamtrak (or the other way round, I believe Trademark came first). Christianoshi has a lot of cool elements to his vocal performance, for example there’s a load of Marc Almond in there, and it all works perfectly with Trademark’s bouncy Pet Shop Boys-esque ElectroPop. ‘Turst’ is a catchy Pop juggernaut with just the right amount of Italo in the mix to make to dancefloor friendly and to justify the amazing amount of cowbell.

♫ Christianoshi – Trust (Trademark reMix)

Check out more from Christianoshi on SoundCloud

One comment on “Christianoshi reMixed by Trademark (Dreamtrak)

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