More from Queen Of Hearts’ début EP


Queen Of Hearts has been regal enough to let us have a listen to another track from her forthcoming début EP, ‘The Arrival EP’. This one is ‘Black Star’.

With a little help from Beatrice Hatherley (Kylie/Zoot Woman) and produced by Olly & James from Devil’s Gun ‘Black Star’ is a strange intoxicating beast. Powerful and ominous post-DubstepPop electronics that sees Liz sounding a little like Vicky Hesketh (both musically and vocally) in the verses, and a little like t.A.T.u in the chorus (complete with pitch shifted duet). I am actually really diggin’ the fact that not everything to come out of The Queen’s camp has been pure upbeat Pop of late, sure those singles will definitely be something to look forward to I think it’s these tunes, showing she has more than one string to her bow, that will stick with people. ‘Black Star’ is pretty cinematic too, if there was ever a QoH track I would want to see a really good video for it would be this.

♫ Queen Of Hearts – Black Star (Produced by Devil’s Gun)

Queen Of Hearts’ ‘The Arrival EP’ is out 3rd October, until then check out more from Queen Of Hearts On SoundCloud.

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