Ilya Santana

Ilya Santana

We’ve got some serious bass heavy cosmic Disco here in the form of French label La Belle’s latest release. Ilya Santana’s ‘Infamous Lovers’.

A true intergalactic journey, Ilya’s single is a synthesizer workout to please even the most jaded knob twiddler. The playful electronics ride over a solid backing of deep Disco bass and proggy guitar resulting in a 70’s Sci-Fi Disco epic that could easily ride alongside a space montage in Carl Sagan’s Cosmos. The mixture of a Disco groove and Jarre or Vangelis-esque synths is quite intoxicating.

Ilya Santana – Infamous Lovers

‘Infamous Lovers’ is released 12th September with reMixes from Kasper Bjørke and Telonius.

Buy Ilya Santana’s music from:


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