What have Substatic been up to?

Well…holed up in some kind of Substatic bunker writing tunes, that’s what.

After extensive gigging their highly recommended début EP for the past year (and, I presume, taking a couple of months to get over making it into electronic rumorstop 5 tracks of 2011!) it was time for Bristol’s finest Electro trio to get their groove on and look to their next release. They have let two demos form their next release into the wild via their SoundCloud page. The first to see the light of day was ‘Bloodlust’, a laidback, slightly Dubsteppy, tune with an air of tension running throughout, but in instrumentation and Colleen’s borderline lamentation vocal delivery. Then there is ‘Gold’, a track that deserves to be played loud. ‘Gold’ is an in-your-face Electro beast, Substatic have assimilated both Dubstep and Electro-House’s synth work and sprinkled it with an ElectroPop sheen. ‘Gold’ will defiantly be one of this summers anthems.

Bearing in mind that these are both still works-in-progress, it seems Substatic’s next release will be something to get excited about.

♫ Substatic – Gold (Demo.)

♫ Substatic – Bloodlust (Demo.)

Substatic’s ‘Days Go On’ EP and ‘Days Go On: the_reMixes’ are both available now.

Substatic @ Juno

Substatic @ 7Digital

Substatic @ Amazon

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