You really could be looking at the ‘next big thing’ here.

Quirky ElectroPop act AlunaGeorge have all the qualities needed to see them in a double page spread in NEM in six months time. Deep Electronic music that takes queues from Indie, BedroomPop, Electro & Dubstep perfectly compliments some of the sweetest vocals you’ve heard in a while. On first listen their forthcoming double A-side 7” ‘Analyser’/’We Are Chosen’ comes across like Crystal Castles, but without all that tedious shouting and some actual songs. That may seem a strange comparison to make after hearing AlunaGeorge, but the duo have the same kind of edge, and could be massive with the same kind of crowd, but with the added bonus of having songs you can actually sing along to.

Both ‘Analyser’, an Indie-ElectroPop track awash with 16-bit sounds and the deep Garagey ‘We Are Chosen’ show the duo have a diverse repertoire of electronic music to draw from while remaining uniquely AlunaGeorge sounding. We’re going to hearing a lot more from these two in the coming year.

AlunaGeorge – Analyser

♫ AlunagGorge – We Are Chosen

‘Analyser’/’We Are Chosen’ is released on limited edition white 7” and digital on 18th April. Until then, be the first of your friends to ‘like’ AlunaGeorge on Facebook, then in six months time cash those cred chips in!

AlunaGeorge @ Facebook

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