A month or so ago I completely missed out on posting a couple of tracks by Oliver, they just slipped though the net and I never got round to it. Which is a pity as they were on my mp3 player pretty heavily. This week they dropped a couple of new reMixes, that allows me the opportunity to make up for it.

The two Olivers in Oliver are Vaughn Oliver (U-Tern) and Oliver Goldstein (Oligee), awesome producers and reMixers in their own rights, who have teamed up to drop some funky Nu-Disco on the masses. Their first new tracks, ‘All Night’ and ‘Walk With Me’ , boast the most powerful of power 80’s synth chords atop some slammin’ Disco grooves. ‘All Night’, particularly, is like Filter House and Dreamwave wrestling naked in jelly while ‘Walk With Me’ is slightly more cinematic, in the sense that you can’t listen to it without imagining a bunch of kids dancing in the street in legwarmers.

Oliver – All Night

Oliver – Walk With Me

This week Oliver let loose two reMixes. The first, of  Dance-Pop act Black Cards’ new single ‘Dominoes’ is pure Robo-Disco, as if Kraftwerk made Nu-Disco while playing Nintendo and their truly epic reMix of Chromeo’s forthcoming ‘Hot Mess’ single, which is spine-tinglingly good and has a power riff that has to be heard to be believed.

Black Cards – Dominoes (Oliver reMix)

Chromeo –  Hot Mess (Oliver reMix)

You should head on over to Oliver’s Facebook page right now and show them some love by hitting the ‘Like’ button!

Oliver @ Facebook

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