MNDR releases ‘Fade to Black’ 7”


‘Fade to Black’ was actually the first MNDR track I heard, way back when it was part of the ’E.P.E’ EP, it was the track that really got me into this New York ElectroPop duo.

Great news for us in the UK then, as ‘Fade to Black’ is being released as a double A-side with fellow ‘E.P.E.’ track ‘I Go Away’ on limited edition 7” via Trouble Records.

Despite most of the UK knowing Amanda Warner’s unique vocals from Mark Ronson’s storming ‘Bang Bang Bang’ her voice seems much more suited to her raw SynthPop. MNDR’s music is stripped down enough to be Minimal Synth but catchy and funky enough to be DiscoPop, weird huh? But it really works. If you didn’t like the Ronson track (and if you didn’t you need help!) don’t write off MNDR, ‘cos their own material is some of the best SynthPop being produced right now. Just check out the anthemic ‘Fade to Black’:

MNDR – Fade To Black

The ‘Fade To Black’ 7” is released 3rd January

MNDR @ Juno

MNDR @ Amazon

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