Kid Kasio

Remember The Modern (nee Matinee Club)? The UK’s bright hopes for proper ElectroPop success back in the mid-90’s. Who were, let’s face it, slightly ahead of their time. Had they been releasing the singles they did a few years later, to a Little Boots & La Roux obsessed public, dominance would have been theirs. What are they up to now?

Well, founder and producer/songwriter Nathan Cooper is back to bring a some electronic Power Pop into your grey little lives as Kid Kasio. The early to mid 80’s, the last time our country was in financial meltdown, produced some of the best uplifting, yet socially aware, Pop music in history and as we weather the current economic storm it’s not surprising that we are hearing more and more Pop-in-the-face-of-adversity. Although easily contemporary with the likes of Penguin Prison, Bright Light Bright Light and Frankmusik, Kid Kasio carves out a sound all of his own mixing 80’s synthesizer Pop-Funk with New Wave songwriting. Working both as danceable throwaway pop (and round these parts that’s not meant as an insult!) and as razor-wit poetry there’s something for every lover of electronic Pop here and with the right backing 2011 could see Kid Kasio propelled straight up the charts.

Kid Kasio – Living My Life

Kid Kasio – Not For Turning

There’s an album on the way, but until the go show Kid Kasio some MySpace lovin’

Kid Kasio @ MySpace

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3 comments on “Kid Kasio

  1. Well what can i say, except WOW, WOW, WOW. people look out, cause Kid Kasio is gonna be in the top 10 for 2011 😀

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