Client’s Sarah Blackwood & William Orbit


Acclaimed Electronica/Trance producer William Orbit dropped this track on his blog a couple of days ago, it’s a version of his track ‘White Night’ featuring vocals by none other than Sarah Blackwood, vocalist and frontwoman of ElectroPop heroines Client (and ex-of Dubstar).

The original’s a bit more bass heavy and ethereal, this is some sweet sounding, straight-up ElectoPop. Sarah’s vocals give the song a sense of sultry urgency that the original was lacking. Honestly, I think this deserves a single release!

William Orbit (Feat. Sarah Blackwood Of Dubstar & Client) – White Night (Version) (zShare) (MediaFire)

‘White Night’ is originally from the album ‘My Oracle Lives Uptown’

William Orbit @ Beatport

William Orbit @ Juno

William Orbit @ 7Digital

William Orbit @ Amazon

Client @ Beatport

Client @ Juno

Client @ 7Digital

Client @ Amazon

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