Nitzer Ebb return with new album


Electronic pioneers Nitzer Ebb have just dropped their first new, proper, studio album in 14 years! ‘Industrial Complex (Tour Edition)’ is a record that harks back to the earlier, harsher, Nitzer Ebb of the early to mid 80’s rather than the ElectroPop of ‘Showtime’ and ‘Ebbhead’ or the Electro-Rock of ‘Big Hit’. One thing’s for sure though, it put all the clones and wannabes ‘producing’ Ebb influenced EBM these days to so much shame they may as well just give up.

OK, so one or two tracks come across a little Nitzer-Ebb-by-numbers, but there are some gems in there to.

Once You Say (featuring Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore) is a heavy Electro Industrial stomper sweetened by Douglas’ trademark gritty vocals. ‘Hit You Back’ is more like something off ‘Showtime’ which is more of what I, personally, consider to be ‘classic Ebb’.

Nitzer Ebb (Feat. Martin L. Gore) – Once You Say (zShare) (MediaFire)

Nitzer Ebb – Hit You Back (zShare) (MediaFire)

‘Industrial Complex (Tour Edition)’ is out now,

Nitzer Ebb @ Beatport

Nitzer Ebb @ Juno

Nitzer Ebb @ 7Digital

Nitzer Ebb @ Amazon

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