The Vault: Creaking open to bring you some Halloween Ministry!

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Happy Halloween readers!

Just a quick one today, but we couldn’t really let Halloween slip by without posting this gem could we?

You may know who Ministry are; black dreads, long beards, Metal guitars, shouty vocals, skulls on mic stands etc…,  basically a walking Metal cliché. Things weren’t always the case!

1981 to 1984 Ministry were actually a really good SynthPop band, probably one of the best the US has ever produced Releasing a handful of 12”s on Wax Trax! Records culminating with the album ‘With Sympathy’ on Arista Records, Al Jourgensen (above; later to sport black dreads, a cowboy hat and a heroin addiction) produced some fantastic, emotional and groove laden New Wave music. With 1986’s ‘Twitch’ album Ministry discovered Industrial music, and it was still all good. ‘Twitch’ is a well crafted, harsh, electronic record. Even 1998’s ‘Land Of Rape And Honey’ has some good tracks on it, although it’s standing at the top of (if not actually sliding down) the slippery slope of mediocre rock music.

Ministry’s career, from1989 onwards, is just a decent into stereotypical Heavy Metal with any originality or innovation stripped from the mix. In a laughable attempt to sound ‘hard’ Al Jourgensen has disowned his early recordings as “…an abortion”.

Such a pity…such talent gone to waste…

Anyway, it’s the ‘season of the witch’ and all that, so get your listening gear ‘round Ministry’s classic ‘Everyday (Is Halloween)’, a brilliant poppy disco track, and imagine the band that could have been…

Ministry – Everyday (Is Halloween) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Ministry’s early works are still available on CD:

Ministry @ 7Digital

Ministry @ Amazon

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