Client: ‘6 In The Morning’ reMixed


Those nice fellows at SubSpace Communications have sent on over this reMix of ‘6 In The Morning’ by UK ElectroPop goddesses Client.

Client have been a staple of the worldwide ElectroPop scene and, having weathered the mainstream’s on/off relationship with Electronic music, continue to churn out great album after great album. Maybe now the mainstream is (temporarily) in love with ElectroPop it’s time for Client to be elevated into super-stardom?

This reMix is supplied by Biomekkanik, which is Christer Hermodsson (or Crull-E!) from Sci-Fi SynthPoppers S.P.O.C.K., now producing EBM flavoured ElectroPunk with this side-project. With this reMix he turns the 60’s tinged ‘6 In The Morning’ into a hypnotic Electro-Rock beast.

Client – 6 In The Morning (Biomekkanik reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

‘6 In The Morning’ is taken from Client’s 2008 album ‘Heartland’, go check it out:

Client @ SubSpace Communications Store

Client @ Beatport

Client @ Juno

Client @ 7Digital

Client @ Amazon

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